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Get your music ready for release with professional mastering. Mastering will enhance the overall sound of your song to ensure it is optimised for release on all streaming platforms. The mastering process includes:

  • Loudening the stereo mix to match industry standard levels

  • Enhancing the stereo imaging to augment the stereo mix

  • Dynamic processing of the low end to ensure optimal bass levels

  • Dithering optimised to supplement the dynamic range of your mix


00:00 / 00:53
Before Mastering
00:00 / 00:53
After Mastering
00:00 / 00:53


1 x Track     $  60

2 x Tracks   $110

3 x Tracks   $155

4 x Tracks   $200

5 x Tracks   $245

6 x Tracks   $290

7 x Tracks   $335

8 x Tracks   $380

9 x Tracks   $425

10 x Tracks $470

Steps to take before mastering:

  • Make sure you are satisfied with your final mix. ​​

  • Have the stereo mix exported at 24bit 44.1kHz.

  • It is recommended that your mix does not peak above -6dB.

If you have any special requests such as stem mastering or instrumental/alternate version mastering please get in touch at to discuss your request!

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